Accessories & Lightings

We help you in planning the design of a rooms include the accessories & lightings.
We provide the goods and make by order, cause there are some customers want to make and have a special works and different with the already exist elsewhere.


We designed and make furniture such as your desires and needs.
We already have a collection with lots of style and we can design specifically for your furniture. We are very concerned about the quality and comfort.


Interior design

We help you in the design and execution of interior projects.
Whether it’s interior of your home, apartment, hotel, office, restaurant, cafe, store, and custom rooms. As an interior designer, we also help in the design of layout plan overall, from the selection of furniture, fabrics, lighting, wallpaper, curtains, rugs and accessories. Not only that, we can provide your interior needs, could from our own workshop or from our partner suppliers.


Other than as an architect in the design of the building, we also carry out the construction and renovation of houses.

If you already have a partner contractor, we can help you as a consultant and architect.